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How to Choose a Portable Generator

1  Determine starting wattage, running wattage, amps and volts of appliances which need to be run simultaneously.


Starting wattage is the "surge" at start-up, running wattage is the continuous wattage available.


2  Wattage can be calculated using the formula Amps x Volts = Watts

  • Smaller generators (1500 to 4000 watts) are generally 20 Amps, 120V
  • Larger generators (5000 watts or higher)
  • generally include at least one 30 Amp/ 240V outlet

3 Consider features such as remote start and availability of a wheel kit, and factors such as weight and noise.


See the attached "Generator Comparison" and "Wattage Worksheet" for more guidance.


Generator Comparison

Wattage Worksheet


4 Read the article "Why Do You Need an Emergency Generator..."


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When to Buy

When is the Best Time to Buy a Champion Portable Generator?

Winter Snow and Ice Storms
Hurricane Season Spring and Summer Storms

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