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While many people believe a backup generator is reserved only for hospitals and construction sites, more and more people are beginning to turn to electric generators for power in the case of an environmental emergency. As Mother Nature continues to pummel different regions throughout the United States, generators are becoming an increasingly popular method of insuring that your home is powered during an outage.

Champion Fulfillment is here to help. We are your authorized Champion Power Equipment Supplier with many year of experience selling to distributors, retailers and dotcoms.

How to Choose a Generator

  1. Determine which devices need to be powered simultaneously and record the Running and Starting requirement of the devices. Most electrical devices have a data tag that lists volts, amps, phase, cycles, etc.
  2. Total Running Watts of all your devices that need to be powered simultaneously and record that number. Amps x Volts = Watts.
  3. Identify the device with the highest Starting Watt requirement and record that number. Note: Toasters, lamps and coffee makers are resistive. Their total load can be calculated at: Amps x Volts = Starting Watts.
  4. Add the total Running Watts and the highest Starting Watt requirement to determine the total Starting Watts needed. Note: Saws, compressors and drills are reactive. Their starting load should be calculated at: 3 x (Amps x Volts) = Starting Watts.

Generator Selector

For your convenience, we welcome you to use the Champion Power Equipment “Generator Selector”. The Generator Selector is an easy to use tool that calculates your wattage requirements based on the┬áselection of devices that you will need to power.

Calculate My Wattage Needs