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Why Buy Champion Power Equipment?
  • Champion is a US owned and operated company with our own manufacturing facilities in China. We stand head and shoulders above our competitors by our commitment to quality throughout the engineering, quality assurance, manufacturing and customer service processes.

  • Champion Power Equipment has never had a recall. That says a lot, because the generator business is fiercely competitive. Manufactures are on tight deadlines to beat competition to the punch with new models with the latest technological advances. Sadly, some companies release equipment prematurely.

  • Champion Power Equipment customer service is great. A recent survey of customer reviews revealed that virtually every caller to our customer service department reported a “positive experience.”

  • Champion Power Equipment offers a two year warranty, the best in the business. Because we make our own engines, we are able to offer the best warranty in the business.

Why Buy From Champion Fulfillment?


Champion Fulfillment has been in business for over twelve years selling to distributors and retailers like you.  Our goal is to make quality, affordable power equipment available to end users through our extensive network of resellers, distributors, and dotcoms; to provide exceptional service and a superior warranty.


We offer same day service on most orders received before 2:00 pm. The occasional "Superstorm" may delay our service by a few days, but these occasions are rare. We maintain over 7,000 products in inventory, meaning backorders are virtually unheard of. And we offer prompt, courteous service to you and your customers. Our motto, and Champion's motto, is "Champion products stay sold." We rarely receive requests for returns, and will work directly with technical support when necessary to resolve a customer complaint, issue. or concern.


Distributors and Resellers Are Our Best Friends!

We rely on our network of E-Commerce, distributor and reseller customers to sell quality, affordable Champion Power Equipment to the general public. We will supply your warehouse, or drop-ship directly to your customer. Call us today for information and pricing! Our sales and marketing team can customize a promotion for you and your customers. Call or e-mail Mike at 800-950-9566 or, our office for more information. Our team of customer service professionals is awaiting your call!

New Customers


We love it when we find a new customer (or a new customer finds us)! We just need a little information from you in order to do business. We will review the following credit application, your buying history, and complete a background check before extending credit. We may require other means of payment until we estalish a relationship with you.


Credit Application        


Marketing Materials


Testimonials highly recommends the purchase of Champion Power Equipment over any other brand. The site reports: “Based on the numerous reviews that we receive and have researched, after you purchase a Champion generator, you’ll get a good product. If you ever have any problems, the folks at Champion Power Equipment stand behind their products and they won’t leave you hanging. If you need to call their tech support line, you’ll reach a human being who speaks English and knows what the heck they’re talking about.”



Richard T writes: Wow! I have been reading about Champion Power Equipment generators and how great the customer service was. Now that I've had firsthand experience, I can honestly say that everything I've read is 100% correct. It confirms my decision to purchase a Champion Power Equipment generator over other brands.


See for more Testimonials.




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